About Us

Bimal Fernando has worked in the Tea fields of Sri Lanka for many Years. His recent experience in value adding to tea, places him in the envious position of having experience in the entire 360 degree of Tea from the very beginning of soil preparation to preparing the product for consumption by the end user.

Hand picked pure Ceylon teas, sourced from various climatic conditions, to different manufacturing process’s and best option packaging is taken into consideration when we at Zen Ceylon make our value added teas. We offer you our expertise, when you are ready to create your unique blends either in loose leaf or in Tea bags and pack for you under your very own café name or retail branded pack.

We will surprise you with turn key solutions starting from Key Market Data, Graphic designs for packaging, selection of tea for creation of blends, packing into tea bags and or Pyramid Tea bags, neatly packed into master cartons and shipped to your door step is what we specialize in

Our History

My “learning work” or creeping as it is called in plantation jargon, in the Tea plantations of Sri Lanka was at a time the plantations were owned and operated by the state. This operational experience in running plantations is still embedded in my blood. The learning curve was very steep and after a one year period we were drafted in as Assistant managers to work directly under the Plantation manager. Our duties were to manage the land and its resources while managing the agricultural crops in a feasible manner. The welfare of the resident worker was also of utmost importance.Managing plant nursaries, soil preparation, planting, crop harvesting, manufacture of tea, packing and dispatching of made teas to the auction, meeting brokers and understanding the market demands, implementing worker housing upgrade and development programmes for childrens and even managing the estate hospitals were all part of the responsibilities. Subsequently when I worked with Tea and Herb company as its CEO, I had the opportunity to experience the “ other side “ of the produce transformed with value addition and made to meet the client demands of Tea bagging, Flavouring, Blending, Packing, shipping and working with distributors and retail operations and even duty free outlets. With all this under my belt I was ready to give the world my share and contribution to the industry hence the beginning of Zen Ceylon!!

You are in a unique place to work with us in customized branded teas, Tea gifts, Our range of teas,customized tea Blends,Instant Teas, Ready to drink Teas, Wellness teas, Zen Café franchises, Tea shirts, Tea ties, and other Tea wear . Our excitement has no boundaries!

Tea With Bimal