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Bimal Fernando has worked in the Tea fields of Sri Lanka for many Years. His recent experience in value adding to tea, places him in the envious position of having experience in the entire 360 degree of Tea from the very beginning of soil preparation to preparing the product for consumption by the end user.

Our Products

A Classic cup of Ceylon tea. Ideal for the person who loves his or her tea with milk
Green tea blended Macarons brings out the subtle taste of green Tea. Price US$ 3.00 for 8 Macarons
A range of Ceylons best…. an ideal way to say thank you.
Comes out in irregular patterns when sprinkled and infused with Ceylon Tea. Ideal to craft gift boxes, Bags,


A total of 5 million kg came under the hammer this week, and there

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Zen Ceylon is all about tea, but with a twist. “The cup you want to wake up to in the morning can be created here”,

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It’s true that Ceylon Tea hasn’t got a long history as Chinese tea. Tea was first grown commercially in Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

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What’s new

100% quality assured Ceylon Cinnamon, packed into 100g, 200g composite cans containing cinnamon powder. Can also be supplied in bulk form or in cus
Available in blends of Espresso, Dark Arabica and Golden Brew beautifully packed in composite cans. Pure Ceylon Coffee has distinct tastes of Robusta and
At Zen Ceylon we have created four blends with herbs that have medicinal properties.

Tea Studio

Being the tea fanatic that I am, frequently asked many questions about tea. Most questions I’m more than happy to answer, as I am always in the mood to discuss about tea, the best ways to choose them, store them, infuse them and taste them. There are thousands of different ways of appreciating a good cup of tea, and I love exploring all the different infusions and tasting methods the wonderful world of tea has to offer. However, there is one question, my most frequently asked, and for which I have a very difficult time answering: “What is the best tea in the world?”.

Tea with Bimal

In each of our episodes we take on various interesting industry related topics and share this knowledge with the viewers. We will soon be brining out some exciting new knowledge sharing episodes. We also invite Tea industry experts to visit our studio to discuss any related topic which they feel could be interesting and we will air it through our Youtube subscriber base.

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